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Do you post internationally? 
Yes! BodyTea posts world wide!
International orders usually take around 10-15 working days to be received. BodyTea works hard to deliver your order promptly.  
How does BodyTea work? 
BodyTea's key ingredients work together to help stimulate extra body fat and unwanted water weight. BodyTea is most effective when taken twice daily, morning and evening before meals. (breakfast + dinner) 
BodyTea also helps make you feel fuller by suppressing your appetite . 
Can i drink BodyTea whilst breastfeeding? 
BodyTea is 100% organic and natural. However, we suggest you consult your doctor.
What comes in  the 15 day BodyTea Pack?
When purchasing your very own BodyTea pack you will receive 30 tea bags, 1 for the morning and 1 for the evening.
How can I talk with BodyTea?
Our friendly team are always reading emails and replying to Instagram questions! You can email BodyTea at or ask a question on our Intsagram page @BodyTeaAustralia
What does BodyTea taste like?
BodyTea tastes yummy! similar to that of green tea or ginger tea! 
To enhance the flavour simply add some honey, lemon or any sugar free sweetener.
What are the side effects? 
BodyTea is made from the finest organic and natural products, with no side effects. 
Do I have to follow the BodyTea food plan?
No, you don't have too. However we suggest you maintain a healthy diet with regular workouts. 
How long should I stay on BodyTea for?
You can use BodyTea as often as you like and stop once you are happy with your weight loss!
How long does shipping take?
The BodyTea team works very hard to make sure you you get your package on time!
Within Australia takes 1-3 working days.
International parcels take around 10 days.
Need more information?
Send your questions to