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What Is BodyTea?

BodyTea Australia is the best weight loss tea on the market - avoid the imitations. 




Our customers find that BodyTea not only shows extreme results for weight loss, but also helps with bloating, stomach aches/pains and better digestion!  

BodyTea Prides its self on being made from organic and natural products. BodyTea Australia’s objectives are to help improve life style, diet and weight loss. BodyTea’s key ingredients stimulates the body fat and reduces unwanted water weight, resulting in faster weight loss.   


Being supported by a fit lifestyle and healthy food BodyTea will give you the results you desire. Following the 15 or 30 day BodyTea TeaTox you will see the unwanted body fat fall away. 

BodyTea is made from natural and organic products to assist in weight loss.


The benefits of BodyTea:

Delays appetite

Highly thermogenic (stimulates body fat)

Helps sleep and relaxing  

Cleanse & detoxifying the body

Reduce water weight

Reduce bloating

Helps with IBS


All BodyTea ingredients and herbal blends are 100% natural and organic. 



Take one (1) BodyTea bag each morning and evening for 15 or 30 consecutive days. Ensure you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to see the best results.

Diets can be found on our diet page above. 





Flower of Hyacinth Dolichos, Citron,Chrysanthemum, Puer Tea,Green Tea,Dried Jasmine


If you have any more questions please email the BodyTea Australia team.